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What is MarsGre?

MarsGre(NFT), is land registry for territories of Mars in the forthcoming MetaVerse Universe. With MarsGre we aim to create a habitable virtual environment. In this environment every user can work and gain a profit but not evert user can have a territory. Before all to create such an environment there is a need of a world which people can live in virtually. For that you can get MarsGre and become a land owner, a boss by opening a business or householder by establishing an apartment.

1 MarsGre = 725km²

What can we do with MarsGre?

You can hold your MarsGre and make a collection or you can create everything you imagine with the land defined for you in the game that we are going to release before the MetaVerse phase. (You don’t want to bother? You ask and we create for you.) You can travel, manage, rent, and sell these establishments in our 3rd Phase, MetaVerse Universe.

You can win with MarsGre too

Surface of Mars is 144.800.000 km² but only 28.000.001 km² of it can be used. Every MarsGre you bought is equal to 725 km². After buying these territories you are defined in our system. You can gain profit with those territories. How?

  • You can split your lands and sell them as NFT’s for your desired price. Just let us know the NFTs you have extracted. The ones who bought your NFT’s will be defined in our system and they can also create everything they wanted as you did. For MarsGre dividing conditions.

How will the territory distribution be?

After the game is completed territory distribution will be live and distributed fairly amongst the MarsGre holders. Let’s see if you are lucky. After the distribution is over territory holders can see where is their territory from the map. Every territory will be graded in 4. Every territory holder will be given a NFT according to the grade of the territory they hold.

  • Purchase of 5.000 MarsGre.

  • Release of the Game. Distribution of Territories, distribution of territory-specific (GRE1,GRE2,GRE3,GRE4) NFTs and installation of structures on the distributed plots.

  • Migrating established territories to MetaVerse. Business models and providing the conditions necessary for life. Then users use their own world, Mars.





Chance to Win Marsgre

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